Color Schemes  -  TETRADIC

The tetradic scheme is also known as the double complementary because in essence, it is the combination of two sets of complementary colors.  Because of this wider array of colors, it is the richest of all the schemes. But because of this very fact, it is a more difficult scheme to balance and harmonize. To solve this dilemma, the artist should utilize one or two colors as the dominant, and the others is a more subdued state.  As you create compositions with this color group, avoid using the saturated (pure) colors in proportional or equal amounts.  Remember, there can only be so many "chiefs." 

The greatest advantage of this scheme is its versatility and color variety

These are the two sets of complementary used on this painting:



Carlos & Gino Santa Maria   Il Cantiere, (The Shipyard.) Oil on Linen 24" x 30"
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