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The Santa Maria Portfolio: "Isaiah 40:31"
$ 5,600 Oil on linen 24" x 30"

Limited edition Giclee available on acid-free paper and canvas with archival inks.
 For more information contact us: ginosm@sbcglobal.net

Gino Santa Maria
Copyright 2005 - Santa Maria Studio. All Rights Reserved. This image cannot be reproduced in any way without the written consent from the artist.

I am in the process of painting a second eagle painting. I will be posting the process to demonstrate the steps to the finished piece. In these first 4 images I show the process of underpainting. 1. Here I "stained" the painting using a color which is complementary to the general color of the painting. (Orange is the complementary of blue) I continued until the entire painting was covered. 2. Using quick brushstrokes I painted the sky without worrying about any detail. I simply concentrated on giving broad areas the approximate color of what I would like it to be. 3. and 4. show the same application for the mountain as well as for the foreground and eagle. Do not worry about detail at this stage. That will come later.

I will be posting more steps as I paint them: Gino.