About Us 

The Santa Maria twins started their artistic career in their hometown in Peru at the early age of 7 after winning both 1st and 2nd place at the annual contest of the Jose Sabogal School of Fine Arts.  In subsequent years, they continued to capture the top two spots until the age of 13, when the renowned portrait artist Ismael Santa Maria took them as disciples. Ismael only took 3 disciples in his lifetime.

They exhibited their work in numerous events while searching for a style that would define them.  In 1981 they migrated to the United States where new and exciting doors opened. Initially, as they worked together doing re-creations of the Masters, they discovered that the work started by one of the twins, could be best finished by the other one. In the end, an astonishing new trend appeared in their work: All the paintings the Santa Marias do are a joint collaboration between both.  It is as though one complements what the other one does. It is an amazing thing, but what one does not see, the other one sees. The result of this peculiar partnership is two artists doing a single work of art where both play a unique role. Thatís what is so different about the twins.

Their style is a reflection of the many places they have visited throughout the years, including Italy, France, England, Tahiti, and several Latin American countries. Their works of art are proudly displayed in both public and private collections throughout the world.

Some of the places where they have exhibited in the United Stated include the Blue House Gallery and the Holland Art Gallery in Texas; the Anastasia Gallery and the Tomsich Fine Art Galley in St. Louis, Missouri.

Their work has appeared on numerous magazines and publications such as Art News, Robb Report, Beckett Baseball, and Beckett Sports Heroes Tribute to Emmitt Smith.

In 1999, they took Craig Whitfield as an apprentice.   Latter, he became their assistant during workshops and presentations.  Craig currently conducts workshops on his own and with the Santa Marias.  
At the same time, his work is gaining increasing recognition and it is exhibited both privately and publicly.  Craig's style is colorful and radiant.  His passion  is African art, which is rapidly growing into a sought-after collection of beautiful, and telling canvases.

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