Learn about color and composition, for oils, watercolor, photography, etc. Easy to follow steps. These principles apply to all the arts, and to all artists. These free lessons will guide you into the art of painting landscapes, seascapes, animals, still lives, and portraits today! All the lessons are accompanied by practical examples.

Isaiah 40:31. 24" x 30" Oil on linen
Giclee Available
by Gino Santa Maria

Click on image to see large version and the
underpainting process of similar painting

Lesson #  1: Color Theory Lesson # 14:  Color Harmony Sheets
    Part 1: Primary Colors      Calm and Restful
    Part 2: Secondary Colors      Earthy and Natural
    Part 3: Tertiary Colors      Elegant and Graceful
    Part 4: Complementary Colors      Fresh and Vital
    Part 5: Conclusion      Friendly and Warm
Lesson #  2: Color Interaction      Magical and Mystical
    Color Interaction-Exercise 001      Moving and Active
    Color Interaction-Exercise 002      Powerful  and Strong
    Color Interaction-Exercise 003      Professional and Sober
Lesson #  3: Materials - Part I      Rich and Affluent  
Lesson #  4: Materials - Part II      Reliable and Dependable  NEW
Lesson #  5: The Palette      Romantic and Sensuous 
Lesson #  6: Elements of Composition      Royal and Wealthy
Lesson #  7: Perspective      Subdued and Tamed  SOON
    Perspective Part 1      Soft and Social
ABOUT US     Perspective Part 2      Traditional and Historical
SANTA MARIA PORTFOLIO     Perspective Part 3      Tropical and Carefree
PHOTOGRAPHY  N     Perspective Part 4      Vigorous and Energetic
LINKS    Perspective Part 5      Welcoming and Inviting
    Perspective Part 6 Lesson # 15:Portraits
N: NEW! Lesson #  8: Color Mixing      Portraits - Part 1: Underpainting
Lesson #  9: Canvas Sizes      Portraits - Part 2: Conclusion
Lesson # 10: Stretching a Canvas Lesson # 16: Re-creations
Lesson # 11: Canvas Toning      Re-creations - Part 1: Underpainting 
Lesson # 12: Underpainting       Re-creations - Part 2: Conclusion
     Underpainting Part 1  
     Underpainting Part 2 Future Lessons:
Lesson # 13:  Color Schemes: Lesson # 00: Wet on Dry
      Monochromatic Colors Lesson # 00: Still Lives
     Analogous Colors  Lesson # 00: Impasto
     Triadic Colors Lesson # 00: Landscapes
     Complementary Colors Lesson # 00: Alla Prima
     Split Complementary Colors Lesson # 00: Wet into Wet

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you.  To give you a hope and a future"  Jer. 29:11


     Tetradic Colors Lesson # 00: Develop your Own Style
     Achromatic Colors Lesson # 00: Fat Over Lean
     Clash Colors Lesson # 00: Glazing
     Neutral Colors Lesson # 00: Palette Knife Techniques
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